if you could see inside my skull
you’d know I’ve got the best of all intentions
but somehow it’s my responsibility to fill the silence all the time 
it’s always my mouth, sometimes my head, but never my heart
maybe I’ll just stay home tonight and be the prisoner of my own mind
cause you always have reasons to make me explain 
getting you inside my mind is like piloting your way through a minefield 
once you’re through you’ll know what’s this boy is all about
it’s a long ride but you’ll be glad if you do 

1 note

nice piece of art

you make me feel like a lavender sweater
when I’m caught in a bad weather
you make me feel like a complete work of art
when I’m just falling apart

boredom strikes again

I’d dive head first till my love is drowning right in your arms where I belong
I’d stop this ferris wheel and climb to the top to steal away your heart 

Drinking With Strangers

"whenever you’re heading somewhere, everyone will keep telling you it’s impossible. mainly because they’ve been there, they failed… and they’re afraid to see you succeed" - Butch Walker

gee… thanks Mr. Walker! 


we’re hanging on a wire, jumping on the water
you set me on fire, I’m burned in my desire
but I’m gonna steer away, higher and higher
and higher… 


sometimes, I’m still hoping… 
sometimes, I can’t believe…
lesson learned, never trust yourself 


I wanna be the surgeon that cuts you open and fixes all of life’s mistakes. I wanna be the house you were raised in, the only place that you feel safe.


last night I fell asleep a liar
and woke up a sinner 
I’m as empty as a vacant sign
as hollow as an echo
steered away from the deep blue ocean 
where I used to sail 

I keep telling myself I’ve still got time
time’s a human invention, 
the universe doesn’t subscribe to such measurements

judge me from the footsteps I left behind
cause I don’t riot for less 
if you’re willing, take my hand 
exit the light and enter the night 


it’s good you didn’t see the nervous wreck I used to be
I never thought a man could feel so small


the stories are starting to come together.

2012 is gonna be a busy year ahead.